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The axe has been reinvented – in a patented Finnish invention!

VIPUKIRVES™ is an efficient tool for chopping firewood, possessing many advantages, such as speed and work safety, over traditional axes and small hydraulic log splitters. VIPUKIRVES™ separates sections from the log using a
unique lever action that allows logs with branches to be split into firewood in
seconds. The splitting force of VIPUKIRVES™ is considerably stronger than with a traditional axe.

Strike and loosen!

VIPUKIRVES™ has an ingenious design. Upon striking the log, it automatically turns to the right and detaches the chopped portion from the log. VIPUKIRVES™ functions like a convention axe with the exception that the user must loosen his/her the grip on the handle when the blade strikes the log. Chopped sections are removed with a single strike and the blade doesn't become lodged in the log, but keeps it in the same place and ready for the next strike.

VIPUKIRVES™ is a prime example of a quality Finnish work, representing Finnish design and innovation.

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Nyt on kirveelle töitä, kun käytössä on kunnon VIPUKIRVES
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