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Congratulations for choosing VIPUKIRVES™

By doing so you chose the best, because VIPUKIRVES™ is designed and manufactured
in Finland – it is the result of high quality Finnish work. It is a precision tool for splitting
firewood and the outcome of many years of personal experimentation and testing.
Work safety, efficiency and user comfort when working have been my guiding principles
when developing the VIPUKIRVES™ - absolutely without any compromise regarding
quality. When I began to further develop the axe, a tool which is among the oldest used by
mankind, I encountered many as yet unresolved problems. Nevertheless, I wanted to
produce a tool which would be easy and safe to use and one which would function in all
kinds of situations without an external source of energy. In other words, “a tool for all
conditions” and with due consideration for preserving our beautiful environment.
After over fifteen years of tough planning and experimentation, I arrived at the concept of
using leverage in the splitting of firewood. After making numerous test pieces, I found the
right technique, dimensions and shapes, as well as the right manufacturers for my
invention. For example, the birch wood handle is made at a Finnish workshop specializing
in turning.

The blade, which is the “pivotal” part of the VIPUKIRVES™, is a precision-cast product
made at Sacotec Components Oy in Riihimäki, southern Finland. The Blade is painted by
Lainisalo Oy, Helsinki.

PRECISION CASTING is an age-old method. At first, this process was used mainly in
making art and ornamental objects. In the turbulent Middle Ages, the applications for cast
parts became more mundane and this manufacturing process has been described in the
making and repairing of weapons.

Over the centuries, various metals ranging from gold to bronze have been used in
precision casting. During the first half of the past century, the needs of industry, e.g. those
of the aircraft industry, expanded to include new materials. Precision casting enabled
“ready cast” which hastened the introduction of these materials.

Modern metal industry uses precision-cast components in numerous applications such as
mechanical engineering, tool and device manufacturing, automobile industry, and process
industry. The materials used are usually abundantly alloyed steels, including stainless and
super alloys. Even the ends of many golf clubs are precision cast.

The freedom of design and “ready cast”, combined with an almost unlimited range of
materials, are further promoting the strengths of precision casting. The freedom of the
design means that there are no obstacles to optimizing the product from the user's point of
view and “ready cast” enables choosing the best raw material and benefiting from its

Have fun making firewood – strike and loosen!

Heikki Kärnä


VIPUKIRVES™ Safety Instructions

* Always hold on to your VIPUKIRVES™ lever axe with both hands when making firewood.

* VIPUKIRVES™ lever axe is meant to be used only for splitting firewood. Don’t use your
VIPUKIRVES™ for anything else.

* Do not use any object to strike the back of the VIPUKIRVES™.

* Due to the arc of motion caused by the VIPUKIRVES™ lever axe's shape, a released
piece of split wood may have a very high initial velocity. The piece of wood released by the
blade is ejected to the left of the tool user.

* The blade of the VIPUKIRVES™ usually stops over the block of wood being split, which
is where the kinetic energy terminates. It is almost impossible for the user to injure
him/herself when splitting firewood as long as both hands are on the axe handle.

* Additional user comfort when working with the VIPUKIRVES™ can be provided by using
work gloves soft from the inside. Work safety is further promoted by using appropriate
safety eyewear.

* Never use your VIPUKIRVES™ when under the influence of alcohol or if your senses are
impaired by fatigue or medication.

* Children should not be allowed to use the VIPUKIRVES™!

* IMPORTANT! Always ensure that the vicinity of the work place is free of people
and animals that may be injured, and of things that may be damaged by a blow from
your VIPUKIRVES™ or by a flying piece of firewood.


* The VIPUKIRVES™ is a special axe designed and shaped specifically and only for the
purpose of splitting firewood. Do not use your VIPUKIRVES™ for carpentry purposes and
do not use the back of the axe as a striking tool.

* The blade of a VIPUKIRVES™ is maximally one-sided in terms of its weight distribution
and this feature (due to certain laws of physics) produces a lever effect when the blade
strikes the wood. It achieves a splitting force, which is many times greater than that of
conventional axes.

* The tool is very simple to use. Use your VIPUKIRVES™ like a conventional axe, but
when its blade strikes the wood, you should loosen your grip on the handle. Then the
blade is able to perform its lever function unobstructed. It is important that you allow the
handle of your VIPUKIRVES™ to turn as you hold on to it with both hands!

* You can also use your VIPUKIRVES™ to strike the block of wood at its edge, because
there is no fear that the blade would be deflected to hit your foot. This gives a new
dimension to splitting firewood. Now you can chop firewood in almost any way you want
because every blow is under control right to the end.

* Always strike at the left edge of the block of wood, about 4-8 cm from the edge.

* When using the VIPUKIRVES™, you need to strike at the end of the wood being
split, not at its side, for the splitting mechanism to function properly.

* The blade of the VIPUKIRVES™ sinks only about 0.5-3 cm into the wood and then its
lever action causes a piece to be split off. The blade spreads the wood about 6-8 cm,
which is more than any other axe does. You can even use the VIPUKIRVES™ for splitting
firewood over hard ground such as rock or asphalt because the blade does not pass
through the wood. But you still need to avoid missing the target!

* The best splitting base when using the VIPUKIRVES™ is a chopping block about half a
meter in height. You can further improve the outcome of your work by placing a used car
tire over the chopping block. Fill the tire with logs to be split, then you can start serious
splitting of firewood with your VIPUKIRVES™. The wood remains bunched together
throughout chopping. You can then pick up an armful of split wood and place it in the wood
shed dry.

* There is no limit to the diameter of the log to be split because chopping with the
VIPUKIRVES™ can begin safely from the edge of the block.

* The best way to chop kindling with the VIPUKIRVES™ is to pick up a piece of split wood
by striking the blade lightly into the edge of the piece and by then tapping it against the
splitting base.

* Shield the blade of your VIPUKIRVES™ after use. Keep your VIPUKIRVES™ in a shelter
out of the rain.

* The paint wears out from those parts of the blade which come into contact with wood.
This is normal. Treat the blade from time to time with oil to prevent rust.

* Thanks to the special method of fastening the blade to the handle, VIPUKIRVES™’s
blade does not come off the handle even if the handle dries out.

* Do not place your VIPUKIRVES™ into a container of water to make its handle swell.

* You can sharpen your VIPUKIRVES™ using a grindstone or grinding wheel. Use a
grindstone for the finishing touches.

VIPUKIRVES™ guarantee

We will provide a replacement blade in the event of manufacturing defects becoming evident within 10 years. Damages caused by poor maintenance or negligent handling are not covered by this guarantee.